Or i am travelling from kiev to chennai. Not beyond that. It everything okay w.r.t size and weight, it can be carried. I want bring it with me from sharjah to Pakistan. If quantity is small, these can be taken in cabin as well. My mother is traveling from Calicut to Sharjah..How much weight can she carry as check in baggage and hand baggage?? Kindly confirm whether it is free allowed allowance. I booked the tickets on cleartrip.ae. Is 10kg free cabin hand baggage allowances including with laptop back pack bag? Pls provide the rates, I need to book for kenya, l have 3 small wood machines weighing about 15kgs is there extra charge of them. Can I take 40inch tv while am travelling. Can I carry 48inch led flat TV from Saudi to Cochin It weighs 19 kg. Please check with the airline. You can take more than one check in bag within permitted allowance of 30 kg. Plz reply, I travelled from blanytre to mumbai through ethiopian airlines whilst my stay in india i went to saudi arabia from mumbai and i got zam zam water from there No, this is not allowed. hello, i am travelling from bahrain to sarajah to trivandrum. Not sure about current rates, please check with the airline local office. What is the possibility to add additional weights to existing ticket. Please let me know. From sharjah to Karachi Pakistan, Waiting for Admin reply my flight is tonight. I have booked in 40kgs but my lagguage is 42kg reaming 2kgs how much charged airarabia flight aljouf to hyd. Can i take car seats to carry my 5 month old infant in hand luggage. For Basic Economy there is no free check in allowance. I just wanna know if I can take my bagagge with 10kg and a small backpack or bag and if I can take some food or water, What's the hight baggage allowed in cabin. Please get in touch with the airline in this respect. Cabin baggage shall be up to 7 kg. And, must have the invoice of duty free items. And also please tell me the Vegetrarian food menu price (in usd) from NAJAF to CHENNAI.. What can be done? Powerbanks are to be carried only in hand baggage. Air Arabia does its best to deliver your luggage at the scheduled time of arrival, however in case your luggage is lost and we are unable to trace it, our liability for lost or damaged baggage is limited to USD 20.00 per kg and a maximum of 20 KG per passenger. Please file a complain with airlines and register FIR. Please inform us if they do not charge you. Thank you, I will traveling from salalah to Ahmedabad,I want carry split air conditioner with two box 1 box-45kg, 2box- 15kg. Dear sir, im travelling from sharjah to kochi in Air Arabia flight on 16 june. I have 30 kg bagage alowance with the ticket.But I have items of 3 kg more . If you have done booking on Air Arabia itself, this can be done by logging in online or calling them. However, owing to it's fragile nature and extremely expensive price, I can't afford to go through the risk of carrying it as a checked in baggage. Yes, you will have to pay AED 180 if you carry more than 30 kg and up to 40 kg. Kindly reply. Thankyou, I would like to carry 55 inch LED TV from Dammam or Bahrain to Ahmedabad, India. Check in baggage allowance is not free on Air Arabia. Dear Sir, Air Arabia counts duty-free shopping as luggage, too, so be warned that if you’ve purchased a lot of heavy items at the airport, it will count towards your maximum luggage weight. Can I carry three power banks (each being 10000mAh and less) in hand baggage? It could be AED 30. Medicines are allowed for baby. Or is it Necessary to put it in Checked in Baggage?? You can get it increased but you shall contact the airlines. If check in baggage  is more than 30 kg, then AED 180 would be charged for up to 40 kg check in baggage. 2. How to pay more than five kilograms a bag of cash? Laptop bag can be carried in addition to cabin bag. How much kgs can I take Thank you You can take standard laptop bag along with 10 kg cabin allowance. As per their customer service and airport office, there is no limit on the size of LED TV so long as it meets the free allowance limits of weight and size of check in baggage. Can I carry 48 inch Samsung led tv from Dammam, Saudi Arabia to trivandrum kerala via sharja. Time: 4.20 (IST) Is dry ice permitted in the luggage by air arabia flights? Traveling from Sharjah to chennai. It can be taken in check in baggage. However, if not, then AED 140 or 180 might have to be paid. When I go to my reservation to add bags (http://www.airarabia.com/en/add-baggage) the link does not work to "Select Your Baggage", only the, "Travel Insurance" link works, why can't I add bags online? What about the laptop bag. 30 kg free check in and 7 kg cabin is allowed per adult or child passenger. If it is within permitted allowance by weight and size, it can be taken. Tnx, Sir. So is it possible for me to carry in Air Arabia flight from Sharjah to Chennai. Hope you reply me soon. You will have to pay AED 180 charge for carrying more than 30 kg and upto 40 kg. Tell me baggage allowances for me on 6th January 2016, LED smart TV 46\" allowed in airarabia flight, i have a query regarding the luggage .i am flying from ahemdabad to nairobi on 31st decmber. But baggage length plus width plus height is more than 160 cm that is max allowed limit for air arabia. No, it will not be free. It might deny carriage of strollers in cabin due to limited space availability. All carry-ons should be able to be stowed in an overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you (depending on the aircraft) during flight. Air Arabia allows its carriage apart from check in baggage up to 5 litres but for Ethiopian, it is better to take within check in baggage allowance limits. There is no weight limit for carriage of this oil on this route in check in baggage. Feel free to email us for more information: [email protected], When you do a lot of traveling for business, having the right luggage can make your life a lot easier. Tv upto 60 inches is allowed but it has to be paid for AED 180 is the charge for it. I am muhammad As it stands today and as per our information gained from various people in Air Arabia, there is no limitation on the size of TV to be carried so long as it is within the permissible allowance (as per weight or pieces). And also if u r able to tell me how much percent duty I will have to pay upon arrival at Jaipur airport. Can check in my baggage together for Air Arabia flight from Gassim-Sharjah-Kozhikode ? These are generally considered to be cargo items and might not be permitted in checkin baggage. Either a laptop or a camera would be allowed. All 3 of my credit cards are getting denied by their system so I was going to book via a 3rd party website. Can I carry 42" LED from Riyadh to Goa. Dipak Chauhan, Hi, i'm travelling on 15th August 2017 from Bengaluru to Bahrain can i be allowed to carry 2 check in baggages totalling 30kgs and a cabin baggage of 10 kgs. Hi, AED 180 might be charged up to 40 kg check in baggage. Hi, is it allowed to take guitar In flights of economy category from Yerevan to Chennai, is there any extra charges for it? Please advise any restiction in air travelling this thing. I found this CWA* (check with airline for baggage allowance) Hi Did 40 inch led tv is allowed in air Arabia ?travelling Kuwait to Coimbatore via Sharjah on mar 24 2016. 30 kg check in allowed free per person. If any of your carry-ons exceed posted size or weight limits, you will be required to check your baggage and pay any applicable fees. Hello, I will travel this month from Riyadh -Sharjah to Trivandrum. Sum of dimensions of the LED TV box shall not be more than 158 cm. Un tarif de nourrisson sera appliqué pour chaque nourrisson. I am travelling from dammam to Chittagon. If I will have extra baggage, then how will it be charged? Tickets from Mumbai to kyiv Borispol, sir can give me the right size of check in luggage 30kg (How much - Hight, width, Length in cm or inch. Please reduce it to be able to carry it. I will be travelling Sharjah to Coimbatore o/a 9 April 2016. Thanks in advance, Hi sir , I would like to know about free baggage allowance actually am traveling from sharjah to trivandrum I brought ticket today. We would request you to check with the local office of airline as well to get it reconfirmed. Cepandant, il arrive quelques fois que des bagages soient retardés ou perdus. Travelling to Tangiers from London Gatwick. im going to armenia tom. The luggage is okay to take since there is no limitation on number of pcs of check in baggage on Qatar airways flight. Thanks once again waiting to hear from you soon. Hi, I’m returning back from Tbilisi Georgia, can I bring whiskey with me? You can bring more than one check in bag within your allowance limits. The length of the acoustic guitar is the only issue, the width and the height are within permissible dimensions. It is better to reduce the weight within permitted allowance. i mean do i have to pay money for it? . One cabin baggage and one personal item (either purse or laptop) is allowed. We would request you to seek the excess baggage charges from the airport office of the airline. For this specific requirement you will have to speak to the local office of AirArabia. Economy Basic ticket does not allow any free allowance and you havve to pay AED 12 for a 30 kg check in bag. Are you getting stopped at the gate with your bag? I allowed 40 kg baggage from Sharjah to karachi. Nisam Aboobacker, Sir i have led 40 inchs tv is there .total weight 30kgs baggage including tv no problem or not any charges for tv pls reply, I am travling ksa to nepal via air arabia tomorrow morning . DEA SIR, I am travelling from gassim to sialkot on 1st sep , i want to know how much KG checked baggage is free while 10 KG hand baggage. yes, it will be allowed. For Basic tickets, the allowance is not free.. Corrosives, such as mercury, acids, alkalis and wet-cell batteries. Sir from shj to ccj how many liter holy zamzam water I can carry in air arabia as a free baggage, In qatar I want to book flight to kenya.i have 3 small wood machines weighing 15kgs but my luggage all is 30kgs is there extra charge for my small machines.but maintaining required weight, can I carry-on a backpack and a camera bag? Air Arabia have no limitation for the number of bags that you want to check in. However, if you do want to cancel it, please contact the airline customer service. Share the information with us as well. Is zam zam water of 5 ltr allowed in hand? Airline shall not have a problem . I am an umrah passenger and our tickets are of group booking. This was to last till 31 Dec, 2015. can you explain me in detail what should be height, width and depth of the bag so it gets 160cm? pls kindly clarify. Dear sir, I am travelling to Sharjah to thiruvanathapuram. Can i take my E cigarette (Vape) along with me in hand carry?? I want to add baggage in ticket.. my ticket number is 90167339. If more than 30 kg, you will have to pay AED 180 (approx) for taking up to 40 kg. Economy Basic allows you no free allowance. Most fares include at least one checked bag, but domestic Economy Saver fares do not include any free checked luggage. I have 1 flight from Jeddah to Sharjah. Hii..I have my flight booked from Sharjah to Jaipur with free hand baggage of 10kgs and 0 kg check in baggage. It has to be well packed. A small hand bag (such as hand purse) can be taken as a personal item along with a cabin bag. There is no limitation on number of bags to be carried. hi i am hosain I travel ing sharjah to chhtagong DATE21 October can you tel me how mach baggage allowed, Sir i m flying from madina 2 india via sharja on 17 oct what is free luggage allowance and hand carry. Hi, i would be traveling through air arabia in sharjah with an infant.. just for a visa change purpose. It is allowed in Air Arabia but it might charge you AED 180 for it. Sir You can take 2 check in bags but the size limit of 158 cm for each bag shall be observed. Thank s, how many kg baggage cary in dhaka to saudi. I am going from schiphol Amsterdam to tanger Morocco. can I carry zamzam water extra/how many liter? Copyright 2020 © Air Arabia. travel route dammam-sharjah-chennai. I wanna travel to del - shj-ynb so how many kgs r allowed for me, Sir,I have one 42\'inch LED allowed Riyadh to chennai 20+10 hand 7kg, Dear sir, Sorry, it is 30 kg check in and 10 kg cabin per person. Infants are also allowed to carry one standard size bag. It shall be within weight and size restriction of check in baggage. Seek a Credit Card Account Credit. Regards, Joseph, Hello sir more than 40kg extra 1kg how much rate, Hi , can I carry 10kg hand bag + laptop bag with laptop ? You can do it online using the link at http://www.airarabia.com/en/add-baggage . Please advise to possible to carry a baggage of self balancing scooter alongs with travel. thanxx, .Dear Sir, I buy led tv 55 inches is allowed in air Arabia from muscut to Lebanon You have to check with the airline whether it will take this excess baggage of 40 kg in first place. thank u. Dear Air Arabia doesn’t (yet) share it’s excess baggage charges in advance, and it depends on your travel destination. When travelling from other airports, different rates will apply in the local or an alternative currency. We have an infant. Economy Value allows you 15 kg check in baggage per person. AED 150 will have to be paid, if total weight is less than 30 kg for check in baggage (including TV). Sorry, can not answer this query. So pls confirm will I be charged more for carryling 40\" LED TV with in my permitted check in luggage or will it be free? Without check in laggage. You can do so online on the website of the airline, if tickets are booked with the airline. The other item could be a personal item but it shall not look like another baggage for cabin. LED TVs have to be carried in chek-in baggage only. Thanks. It is okay to carry these in carry on or hand baggage. You can carry till 40 kg check in baggage by paying excess baggage charge. 7Kg..?thanks. Infants are not entitled to any allowance. Air Arabia allows 30 kg check in and 10 kg cabin for adults and children. Can we add the hand luggage along with check in bag ? Hello i am traveling from dammam to Sharjah.Does the zamzam water included in luggage weight or it can be considered separately? I am traveling from sharjah-cochin There is no check in baggage allowance for infant but you can take cabin baggage of standard size for the infant. English. Infants allowed 10 kg check in for international flights. Now I believe I may carry mode 10 kg how much I have to pay for it ??? Oversized bags will be assessed a flat $100 fee each way, so be sure to measure and weigh your bags ahead of time. Air India allows 30 kg check in and 8 kg cabin allowance for adults and children. I am planning to go vacation from Abu dhabi to Faisalabad using Air Arabia bus, so questions are that; You mean to say 5 litres in total or 5 litres for each person? Please check this with the airline contact office at airport. I'd be carrying the guitar in a soft case with negligible weight. These bags should not exceed 16 pounds (7kg) or 45 linear inches (114cm). And also say about tax information in Chennai for my old TV. I m a student flying to my university in Tbilisi , Georgia from Mumbai , India through Air Arabia and i would really appreciate if you could let me know the exact weight per bag i m allowed to carry to avoid excess luggage . If you have any questions about carry-on allowances based on your fare and route, contact the airline directly for clarification. Want to know the kgs that I should carry This shall be a small bag and should not look like another hand bag. Can i carry 2 power banks and 2 glue removing 100ml liquid and 100 ml rubbing alcohol on my baggage. I will get 10 kg free in hand baggage. I ask some private travel agencies they are telling upto 42 inch only allowed in airarabia. Hi, i am travelling from sharjah to Mumbai, is it ok to carry LED Lamp ,Torch Light & Iron Box in checked baggage? Cabin baggage allowance is 10kg from sharjah to trivandrum.I can take a laptop bag also other than this? Is it allowed to carry one hand-bag plus one laptop bag? Il est reconnu comme un référence pour les avion monocouloirs. Regards Excess baggage of per kg transportation from air arabia flight,from georgia(Tblisi) to mumbai airport Does "Basic" give 30 kg of free baggage if i'm travelling from Sharjah to Trivandrum? 1) If it is permitted There will be charge of AED 180 for more than 30 kg and up to 40 kg weight of check in luggage. I have 1 cardboard box as checked baggage from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport to Sarjah Airport. While Saudi Arabian Airlines’ checked and carry-on allowances are relatively consistent with many other major airlines across the globe, they can be confusing due to the many different routes and fare types offered. Is it per kg or how? You will have to book a minimum of 20 kg slab of check in baggage. Yes, it is okay to have 3 bags of total weight of 60 kg but any one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. There is only one requirement that one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg total weight and 158-160 cm sum of dimensions (L+b+h). Is tv allowed to take? Will I need to check-in the same at Sharjah? How much I have to pay? Hi Sir/Madam, I saw the onle there mentioned abouth airlines which no allow to carry hoverboard and there not mentioned abouth air arabia..please kindly let me know abouth this ? You will have to speak to the airline first if you want to take more than 40kg. can i carry an e-scooter in check in baggage to india? Keep size of each bag within allowed limits. So need 2 know if I can carry led tv 39 inch n if any charges at airport. kindly guide me. Yes, it can be carried in addition to cabin luggage allowance. Zam Zam water is to be carried in check in baggage and up to 5 litres only. These items are of personal nature and can be carried in cabin baggage. The moment you decide to bring in more than permitted weight, full charge applies. You can take 5 litre of Zam zam water in check in baggage for free, in addition to your free allowance. Hello, I’m traveling from Sharjah to Istanbul, and the check-in baggage that I booked for is 20kg. You can select checked baggage weight while booking or modifying your flight (20 Kg, 30 Kg or 40 Kg) with no limitation on the number of pieces. How many kgs of free check-in and hand baggage is allowed to this sector and I would like to know the charge for excess baggage if any (not including the free check-in baggage). Is it allowed to have a fish on plane ? It’s best to pre-book your Air Arabia baggage weight when you’re booking or modifying your flight. (It only takes 30 seconds, we promise! Hi i am travelling on 28june sharjah kochi.i am allowed 30kg checkin baggage and 7lg hand baggage.....i doubt i have 1_2kg excess checking baggage so how much i will be charged at airport for per excess kg? hello i am going from Kuwait to Colombo, I didn't take luggage and I am going tomorrow morning impossible to pay online baggage, if I paid on the airport for 20 kg how much is it please? On 16.12.2018 iam going to travel Kuwait to India (Coimbatore), i have 30 Kg baggage. Please check the sum of dimensions, L+B+H, and this sum shall be less than 158 cm. Is it 5 inches or 50 inches? Sir/mam I want to carry 55' TV from Sharjah to BENGALORE. Therefore, 2 bags have to be taken. I already take ticket from Doha to Kochi. I have to go to calicut on 23 June from sharjah. Planning to bring 2 powerbanks (20000 and 5000mah) in the plane, is it allowed to bring it in my hand carry bag?