In present time, Clay is disgusted to find out that Justin has had sex on his bed. Clay then told Justin and Zach to come to the dance floor as, which they did after Clay threw a pillow at them. Zach and the other jocks pushed Justin back so Bryce could send the picture around. Having previously signed a DNR, Justin was allowed to pass without any attempts at reviving him. Before Justin dies, the two reaffirm their brotherly love for each other and Clay holds Justin's hand at his request as he dies. They took a look at Seth’s lair to see if they could find anything. Back in present time, Jessica asked Zach about where Justin was. Bryce offered to trade his sandwich for twinkies, but Justin didn’t have those. Hannah saw Justin play fighting with Zach, getting wet and taking off his shirt. Clay told Justin that both he and Jessica are messed up and Jessica deserves to know the truth. Although the reveal was unexpected to many, it might've been lightly referred to in earlier episodes, such as when. However, his behaviour turned around when he was giving a tour to some exchange students. Age Clay informed Justin that he can ruin his life if he wants to, but it won’t change what he did. And you, lucky number thirteen, you can take the tapes straight to hell. When Clay wasn’t looking forward to go back to school, Justin advised him to walk in there like he knows the truth and to “fuck everybody else”. Justin told him he did, he had talked about the kind of person Bryce was to him and him being gone. Clay later told Justin about his search results which included things about how to kill someone, which he searched for to write fanfiction. He lied that they had sex and must’ve passed out after. Justin asked Clay if they’re going to take down Bryce, which Clay confirmed. He lies to her that he’s at home and left early because his Mom had called. Jessica told her things are way more complicated, but Casey responded that this one was simple. Right before leaving, Justin left some money behind for Amber and told her to leave too. Enemies Zach defended Justin by saying that captains aren’t chosen based on who plays better and that Justin is going through some stuff. Justin was clearly uncomfortable being around Seth, and wanted to get over it quickly. After Justin steals money from Seth, Seth would repeatedly threaten him, even after the money was paid back. They got back together after Clay told Jessica the reason Justin thinks she's better off without him. Having never been tested or diagnosed before, Justin's illness had progressed quite far before it was caught and he developed AIDS-related pneumonia and a fungal meningitis brain infection. When Justin arrived, Bryce invited him to sit down and grab a beer. As Justin was preparing for his testimony in court, he struggled with his tie. Clay and Justin started to form a brotherly relationship. This rumor that she is a 'slut' continues throughout all 13 episodes and is the very start of the downfall of Hannah Baker. Jessica told Justin that he taught her how to love, while Clay thanked Justin for saving his life more times than Justin would know. I've known him since I was eight. He tried to attack Bryce and screamed that he’s going to kill him, but Zach held him back. reasons why treize raisons de jay asher. [11], One night, Justin snuck out of the house and showed up at school to see Jessica, and where she told him that she wants nothing to do with him. and then said Skye is also "a piece of work" and "fucked up". Is there a bibliography or are there citations/links to related credible sources? Clay apologized but told them that it’s going to get worse and he needs them. Bryce asked Justin about him testifying and told him to be more scared than he is. Bryce and Justin met up after Justin played a football game and talked about how unsuccessful it was. The two of them helped Justin out of the cafeteria. Justin detoxing in Clay's room in "The Second Polaroid". I wasn’t scared off you even before you fell apart.” When Clay told Zach to do what he wants because he had already been beaten up this week, he warned Clay and Justin that it’s going to keep happening. In court, Justin described what happened on the night Jessica was raped. At the end of the day, Clay returned home and saw Justin watching television with his parents. Clay tried to help Justin and pull Bryce off of him. He stole money from his mother's drug dealer boyfriend, Seth, twice. Seth was Justin's mother's boyfriend and abuser. The next day, Bryce tried to call Justin and left a voicemail. Jessica then asked how he could look at her and not see somebody different, as she was involved in a murder. He told her that he had missed her and wanted to go somewhere else to talk, but Jessica refused. As his friends struggled with Justin's illness, he grew worse to the point that he was put on a ventilator and it became clear that Justin would never recover. Justin asked Bryce about his transfer to another school and said he was lucky to start over. [13], Justin looking at Jessica after her Dad confronted him in "Smile, Bitches", Jessica asked Nina about her boyfriend and criticized her for starting out with another guy because she assumed her boyfriend wouldn’t understand her. At his house, he got into a fight with Jessica because he was annoyed by her being worried for Alex and he pushed her off him when he didn't want to have sex with her. Hannah was forced to hide in the closet when there was no way for her to leave the bedroom. When Justin arrived home, Seth confronted him about the subpoena he received. When leaving and seeing Bryce, he collapses. Justin telling Clay to drink with them in "Tape 2, Side A". Later, Justin observed from a distance as football team forced Estela to wear “De la Cruz” jersey to honor her brother Monty. Justin and Clay glared at each other during a fight and Justin approached Clay afterwards. In the boys’ restroom, Alex told Justin that he needs to tell Jessica about his drug use. Alex pointed out that you can see that it clearly does matter to Justin. !” and as Tyler pointed his gun at Justin and Jessica, Clay stood in front of it and told them to go inside. He went stayed over at the Jensens instead. After Justin returned from rehab, Clay asked him if he had talked about Bryce. Bryce told the kid to leave Justin alone and called him a dick. Justin has never met his father. Then he started making me put my hands on his- And he would be hard. He threatened him that if he ever comes near Jessica he’ll kill him. [1], Hannah talked about the party where she and Clay shared their kiss. I probably need more help. Bryce took Justin’s phone and spread the picture around. They followed him and Jessica to a motel and told them that they’ll try and make them look innocent. This line from Clay is a very tongue-in-cheek way for Jay Asher to acknowledge the unique storytelling method he uses in Thirteen Reasons Why. Justin took a photo while she sled down the slide, which showed her underwear. In flashbacks, Clay and Justin met up with the group to discuss what had happened at the dance and how they’re going to help Tyler. Justin had to leave, but Jessica wanted him to stay for more cuddles because he always keeps her warm. Jessica questioned what Clay meant by “sick”, but he didn’t tell her about the heroin. Clay and Tony found me, and saved me. Justin was clearly bothered by this, so Lainie told him "You’ll always have a home here, no matter what.". Justin wanted to leave, but Clay told him Jessica kept his postcard and to stay. Clay got taken to the sheriff’s station by Deputy Standall to get interrogated about Bryce’s disappearance. Justin called Alex a monster who needed to take a breath, and Alex asked him if Jessica even knew Justin was on drugs. He complimented Justin on his recent basketball game and slapped his back. Clay and Justin showed Jessica the Polaroids of Chlöe and wanted her to convince Chlöe to testify against Bryce. The social worker told Justin that Matt and Lainie are happy to have him, and Justin told her that all three Jensens saved his life. They found him on the streets and when he saw Clay he ran as fast as he could down an alleyway, but Clay caught up. [18] He rekindled his relationship with Jessica, but kept it a secret due to people judging them for it. You’re gonna come at me? quand une chanson vous fait pleurer, mais que vous n’avez plus envie de pleurer, vous cessez de l’écouter. Jessica told him that Bryce did this so he can own him, but Justin denied this. Jessica ripped off the poster and told him that she wasn’t involved. [30], Justin and Jessica talking in Justin's room in "Tape 3, Side B", During a basketball game, Jessica and Bryce were flirtatious with each other, which Justin witnessed. [48], Justin crying over Amber's death in "College Interview". Zach and Justin hung out with Bryce, Alex and Monty outside Blue Spot Liquer, when they brought Clay over for a drinking contest with Alex. Justin didn’t want to sit down with him, but only hear what he had to say about Jessica. Now, because of the tapes, he knows that she was deeply hurting and needed a friend. In Season 3, Justin revealed that he's a victim of child sexual abuse, which started at the age of 5 by a boyfriend of his Mom. [15], During Justin's testimony, Justin revealed more about his and Hannah's relationship and why he sent the picture of Hannah, and called out Bryce for being a rapist. Justin and Jessica had a conversation where Jessica made it clear that she doesn’t want Justin back. When he sees Clay, he immediately runs away and keeps telling Clay "fuck you". Jessica asked if he could get her more coffee and Justin told her he would in a minute because the couch was comfy. During an assembly at school, Clay showed up and Justin asked him where he had been and that he can’t run. While talking about his absence, his basketball coach mentions that he suspects Justin has been abused, thus his long stays at Bryce's pool house. In the first season, as Clay Jensen listened to the tapes, he tried to keep Clay from revealing the truth to Jessica, even threatening him; Jessica was raped by Bryce Walker and Justin knew this but lied to Jessica telling her that he and Jessica had sex and she was just drunk. When was the source published or updated? Depending on your religion, maybe I’ll see you there. Justin was shown to have a tumultuous home life. Justin told her that people do get better, referring to himself, which made Jessica slightly smile.[41]. ", and walked away. Alex slowed down when a police car showed up; it was revealed to be his dad. Justin and Jessica supported Tyler at the Sheriff’s Department when he reported Monty. This made Clay, Ani and Justin suspect Seth of Bryce’s murder. His mother became a neglectful drug addict with a rotating set of dangerous and violent boyfriends, including Seth, who strangled Justin on screen and was implied to have abused him in the past. It was an upskirt picture taken when Hannah went down a slide, making it seem like they had sex. That makes me the dangerous one. He also claims to be happy when asks him if he's okay but seems to lie about that as he uses heroin a few minutes later and doesn't seem to be very happy at the Spring Fling the next day. Clay asked Justin why he went to Bryce for help instead of him; Justin explained that he can figure that out as he detoxed him once. When an angry Jessica arrived, Zach told Justin that he had to handle it himself. Justin then revealed Hannah made tapes about what everyone did to her before she died, that included the things Bryce did. They started fighting before Clay broke them up. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. When I was on the streets and I needed money I would do stuff to guys. It was Christmas morning and the Jensens were opening presents. Later that day, Clay and Justin looked at the pictures that were taken by Tyler on Homecoming night; one picture revealed that Bryce had broken Zach’s knee during the fight, something Zach lied about. Bryce also started giving Justin his Oxy prescription to get him to stay away from heroin. Once Clay had left, Justin smiled at Jessica and said that it was good to see her. Justin apologized again, which frustrated Jessica even more and made her tell him that if he apologized again, she would cut him. They kissed and cuddled on his bed. Someone I knew. Justin also cut ties with Bryce. The group had got together for the first time since Bryce's murder case. However, Alex kept speeding up, scaring everyone in the car. It’s revealed that the day Justin showed Bryce Hannah’s picture, Bryce had seen him walking to school from the wrong direction and assumed he had slept with someone. Back at home, Lainie told the boys that due to Clay being suspected of murder, the adoption will possibly be denied. Justin asked when he’s going to quit; Alex returned the question and told him that Jessica deserves the truth. He pointed out that Jessica is scared of Alex and Alex questioned if she had sent him to fight for her. Lainie came back as soon as she heard Justin was going to testify, and wanted to prepare him. Lainie questioned this as she thought Matt meant immediately moving Justin out of the house, but he clarified that the bedroom was going to be for both Clay and Justin. Standing up to leave, he accidentally spilled a drink on Jessica and went to get something to clean it up. Jessica explained that Justin told her he has cheated, which she doesn’t believe, and that he’s better off without her, which she doesn’t get. Afterwards, Justin showed his friends a photo that suggested they have had sex which started rumors about Hannah. Justin and Jessica getting back together in "The World Closing In", While Justin is working at Monet’s, Jessica came to see him. And that opens up a black hole in the pit of my stomach. Clay asked Justin if he’s going to “beat the shit out of him too” and to go ahead; Justin told him that he will if he has to. ...and friendship is complicated, you find yourself doing things you never thought you'd do. After Justin’s testimony about Bryce appeared to be unsuccessful, Justin and Jessica reported him, which resulted in both Bryce and himself getting arrested. He was a student at Liberty High School. When Justin got arrested, Clay called for his mom and told her that they need to help Justin and he had saved my life. Tony came to look after Justin while Clay went to school. Bryce paid Seth back the money Justin stole, plus some money to leave Justin alone. Most of the team left the locker room and Justin told Zach he doesn’t want to hear “it”, likely expecting criticism for his relationship with Jessica. Jessica was scared that Clay would tell people about the ninth tape and believe him, but Justin reassured her that he’d make sure that doesn’t happen and Clay won’t hurt her. He stopped Clay from attacking Bryce, telling him that he's going to get crushed and helped Zach off the field after Bryce attacked him. They then talked about what the police had told Clay about Bryce and Ani. When Clay woke up, Justin talked with him about how it’s going to be a bad day as he’ll return to school for the first time after months. Justin then vomited on Clay’s bed. In her bedroom, Jessica picked up and read the card Justin had sent her when he was homeless that said he’ll always love her. Justin warned Clay to not say anything. Justin confronting Clay about the picture of Tyler in "Tape 3, Side A". This led Jessica to believe that he isn’t attracted to her anymore, but Justin told her that this isn’t true and she’s beautiful. Justin revealed that someone broke into the bedroom, but lied about something being stolen from his bag. Her Mom told her that she knows she had high expectations of Justin, but he’s a troubled kid. After finding The Clubhouse, Clay texted Justin that he needs him. He offered Clay money for rent, but Clay refused to take it and asked Justin why he’d call if he has that much money. Justin messed up during the game which caused the opponent to score; Zach encouraged Justin by saying that he’ll come back in the second half. Amber told him she needs him to here and made him promise to stay. "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad", "You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves", "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen", "In High School, Even on a Good Day, It's Hard to Tell Who's on Your Side", "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You", AIDS-related pneumonia and fungal meningitis. The Question and Answer section for Thirteen Reasons Why is a great Jessica told him that she didn’t need his apology, to stop giving her puppy dog eyes and that it never worked on her. The two affirmed their brotherly love for each other and Clay promised to hold Justin's hand until he's gone. Early 2001 Justin offered Hannah a ride home, which she rejected and entered the bus instead. He had a college interview that day, where he's clearly not doing well and appears to be on the verge of tears. Justin defended Clay by saying that he tried to get people to own up to what they did. Jessica kicked Dean and Justin took over, repeatedly punching the Hillcrest player. Clay landed on him and an old man came out yelling at them to leave, they heard a police siren and Tony arrived around the opposite side, telling them that if they don't get in, he would leave them behind. Bryce was seen teasing Justin about something and Justin showed him a photo, telling him that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Bryce then stole twinkies from another kid and gave them to Justin so he could trade them. You can forgive people. Like a majority of the others on Hannah's list he is shown to be willing to resort to extreme measures to hide the tapes and even at one point suggests they kill Clay and stage it as a suicide in order to prevent him from revealing the tapes and also intimidates him alongside Alex and Zach and threatens that he will physically assault him if he has to. Justin thanked Clay for coming with him and Clay told him he’s happy to do it for him. Hannah called Kat and got her permission to date Justin instead of Zach, who Kat wanted her to hook-up with. Bryce said that he always got his back and if he did anything, he can take care of it as long as Justin keeps him clean. Hair Color Alive, not insane, he replied.[24]. [18], As Justin’s social worker came to visit, Matt and Lainie were decorating the house to make a good impression. When Jessica pointed out that maybe Nina hasn’t dealt with what happened to her, Nina said that Jessica should deal with looking at Justin like she’s still in love.[15]. [39], Justin listening to the Jensens arguing in "The Little Girl", A few days later, both Lainie and Justin returned. Bryce sat with him and asked where his lunch was, to which Justin answered that he already ate it. Bryce paying Seth Justin's debt in "Always Waiting for the Next Bad News", Seth did not leave alone, as he’s seen stalking Justin on the side of Liberty High’s sport fields and in front of the Jensen house. To dampen the mood further, Justin broke up with Jessica his reasoning being that he needed to prioritize his sobriety. Appears in Later, Clay decided that Justin was the only known person that is alive–Hannah killed herself–who could testify as a witness for Jessica if she decided to testify against Bryce. Conversely, are there credible sites or sources that refer/link to this content? Alex joked that their friendship had survived dumping him for Justin before. He had started nagging Justin about it; Justin showed the picture to make him stop. Though it’s tragic that Hannah could not receive this understanding in life, it is poignant that her tapes garner this understanding now. Is the content relevant to your thesis statement? However, he had trouble keeping up with the other players due to his drug addiction. I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for text specific questions. Justin told him that he’ll always remember, and Bryce said he will too. When Alex heard about this, he confronted Jessica and screamed at her, asking how far she would go for Justin. Jessica revealed that Justin is back and she doesn’t want him to help her. Can you contact them? Clay went to Bryce’s house with a gun while hearing Hannah in his head; Justin tried to stop him. He considers a range of “what if” situations and scenarios, trying to see a future in which Hannah does not commit suicide. Vu sur Alex stopped when the police drove behind them, and the boys found out that Alex’s Dad his a cop. Bryce approached Justin at the Spring Fling dance, offering him a drink. After the game, Justin went to the docks to buy drugs and get high. Family They both said that they missed each other. Jessica tried to initiate sex and take off Justin’s pants, but Justin didn’t want to and pushed her off. While waiting for Clay, Justin lied to Matt and Lainie that he was the one that broke in after accidentally getting locked out. Zach asked Justin if he wasn’t mad that Bryce only got three months probation and Justin six, but Justin mentioned that he just wasn’t surprised. Justin crying over Bryce's death in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad". Justin asked him what’s wrong with him; Clay said that at the moment he’s good. Clay informed him that Jessica wants him back, but Justin didn’t believe it and stated that Jessica hates him. When seeing Justin, Alex told Jessica “you’re fucking kidding me”, but Jessica said that he was probably there to watch a movie. At a party at Jessica’s house, Justin is standing outside Jessica’s room where Jessica was laying down as she was too drunk to have sex. We are unable to assist you with questions about the series. Clay shared the news with Justin, who ran to a different place and cried. He asked her for her number, which she put in his phone. Each story affected the story after it. When Justin told Seth that he’d kill him if he came to the house again, Seth replied “just like you killed your rich buddy?”. Justin and Clay looking at photos of the Homecoming game in "Yeah. Bryce asked what they were doing and wanted to call the cops, but Justin irritably told him to shut up and hold on. Justin mentioned feeling like he messed up the family apart, which everyone immediately denied. When Jessica and her HO group ran onto the field and interrupted the homecoming football game to protest, Monty told Justin to get “his bitch” off the field, to which Justin told him to shut up. Bryce tossed him a new bottle of oxy. appropriate for your project? He’s always been there which is why even though I’ve never had a proper family, I know what it feels like to have one because Clay gave that to me. He told Clay that there's an admission officer at Occidental that's interested in him, according to Dr. Singh. Justin is in juvie for a month and gets six months probation, while Bryce gets three months probation. Jessica screams out his name while Clay and Tony rush to his side. Justin and Clay arriving at school in "The Little Girl". Justin decided to come clean and told Clay everything that happened between him and Bryce. If they reached the end, that means they adhered to her demands in cassette 1 and did not take her for granted again. When Clay found out about Justin’s heroin addiction, he wanted to detox him. Matt finding Justin in Clay's bedroom in "The Smile at the End of the Dock", After finding Justin on the streets, Clay hid him in his room from Matt and Lainie as Justin didn't have a place to stay and Clay wanted him to testify. He asked to call him back and said that he loves him. I don’t slip, and I can’t help wondering, had Justin and Zach made it to Hannah’s front door, would she have fallen for Zach instead of Justin a few months later? Justin told him that he’s staying upstairs because Jessica is “totally wasted”. Friends He told her that he wishes he could fix this and would do anything to take everything she’s been through and put in on him. Clay told him that he doesn’t care, but Justin told him that he should. Throughout the season Justin remarked several times that they’re going to shut Clay up keep him under control because they don’t trust him to keep the tapes a secret. Clay had one of his anxiety attacks but shrugged it off upon Justin’s concern. Would Hannah still be alive? Justin also kept trying to find ways to keep Clay quiet, even proposing to kill him at some point. It is implied that most of these men were abusive towards Amber and Justin and/or were addicts. If it was reproduced, was it done so with permission? Justin is the only person on Hannah's list to be the subject of two tapes Tape 1 (". Just feels like... like no one believes in me. This made Justin and Zach burst out laughing and tell Clay that he can’t do them any harm. Portrayer They would frequently refer to each other as brothers. Clay and his parents attended Bryce’s funeral to support Justin. Justin defended Clay by saying that he had nowhere to go and that Clay and Tony had found and saved him. Clay's texts to Justin in "The Missing Page". Hello everyone I'm Philip, i have a question i try to find a moment in tv show a scene( I've watched a scene where Bryce injected drug to team player int the gymnasium). Do I even have a way to play them? They formed a friendship. As they were driving back home, they noticed that they’re being followed by a car. Next thing you see is Bryce entering the room, Justin assumedly let him in. Jessica had a hallucination of Bryce while Justin was dying in the hospital. Justin informed Matt, Lainie and Dennis and was seemingly sad that Clay hadn’t let him know. No matter how badly he wishes he could change the past, he cannot, and it is too late for Hannah. He tried to explain his actions by saying he thought it'd be better if she didn't know and he was scared. They were playing poker and things started to get tense between Justin and Jessica, which led to Justin dragging Jessica outside. As they were driving, Clay asked Justin if he’s high which Justin took offense to as he wasn’t. When he needed money, he'd prostitute himself to guys. Brown Justin occasionally ran away from home. Mr. Porter told the boys to go back to class; before Justin left, he told Clay that he isn’t innocent no matter what “she” says. Jessica pulled him towards her and repeated what she said, adding and emphasizing the word “now”. If online, are any of the links dead? Justin and Clay driving back to Evergreen after Clay found him on the streets in "The Drunk Slut". Justin was angry at Clay after he took a picture of a naked Tyler and sent it around, which led Justin to confront him in the school’s stairways. After the party, the mood shifted as they discussed the guns upon Tyler’s leave. That’s what we do.” They stopped by Monet’s on their way to school, where a journalist tried to get information from Clay. Metal detectors had been placed at the entrance of the school building accompanied by school resource officers (SROs). Justin has several tattoos on his arms and one on his chest. Jessica started crying in his arms. During the dream, Justin woke up Clay and claimed Monty is still alive. After the date ends, Justin shows the photograph to Bryce and other friends, Bryce takes the phone from Justin and sends it to the school; causing rumors of Hannah being a 'slut'. Justin claimed that he wasn't protecting Bryce, but protecting Jessica. Bryce told him that he’s always welcome but that he thought he would be going home the previous night. After getting a hint from Monty, Clay found Bryce’s oxy prescription in Justin’s bag. Justin denied being the best boyfriend ever, but Jessica told him that he is because he takes care of her. After she refused, Justin stole more money from Seth and tried to run away again. Zach told her that he didn’t know but that he was at basketball practice the night before. A funeral was held following his death, which many attended. Justin meeting up with Bryce before leaving town in "Tape 7, Side A". Deceased Jessica responded by saying they’re all troubled kids.