These pumps were attached to cables, which were in turn attached to the cars' bodywork and when they compressed, they would "suck" the paneling inwards. They were afraid that if the movie went out with a PG ranting, no one would come to see it. They were later criticized for their overuse of the word in the film. 1957 Plymouth Fury (Parkersburg, IL) $65,900 obo | This right here is something special, sprayed in a white coat the exterior flows inside to a light interior that fails to disappoint. In overdrive, the engine made three revolutions for each rear wheel revolution and four without overdrive. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster. No remote controls were used to drive Christine. Arnie's best friend, Dennis Guilder, who notes several major problems with the car merely by sight, the worst being the large puddle under the transmission. At times and in certain scenes she was also pushed by a bulldozer and drawn forward with cables. Auto World Silver Screen Machines Christine 1958 Plymouth Fury MOPAR FREE SHIP. When Christine became “evil,” her windows were painted black, except a small area covered with window tint; the stunt driver had no side or rear vision. Get trustworthy upfront pricing and excellent deals on both new and used cars near you! Arnie and his mother die in an auto accident: witnesses to the accident saw three people in the car before the crash, but only two bodies were found. While I liked the movie very much,the car depicted in the movie was a 1958 Belvedere 2 door hardtop, not a Fury. One of the Plymouth Furys from the movie was sold for $167,000 in 2004. Although the police find paint chips at the crime scenes that match Christine's color, they find no damage, bloodstains, or other evidence on the car, since Christine supernaturally repairs herself after each attack. The ill-tempered owner, Will Darnell, distrusts both Arnie and Dennis, and is mean to them. 1957 plymouth fury christine project car for sale: photos, technical specifications, description. This sequence made it impossible to accommodate what was being released by the auto industry. In the book, Arnie unknowingly runs drugs for Darnell; that becomes auto parts in the movie. 11. For the first time, small chrome tailfins appeared on the rear fenders. The 1964 Belvedere was also the car used to introduce the 426 Chrysler Hemi engine, which used a canted large-valve arrangement. While they were inside, Dennis went to the car, overcome by morbid curiosity, and got behind the wheel. 2. Dennis, thinking of how Christine, her spirit so inspired by that of Roland LeBay and his "single-minded purpose" and "unending fury", never once stopped returning to take revenge on the ones who had crossed her, realizes that Christine may have rebuilt herself and begun working her way east, coming back to "finish the job". He grabs a double-barreled shotgun. 7. Arnie fixes up Christine over time, and the car becomes his obsession. Christine was moved to the garage in the meantime, and the oil was changed (at minimal cost) by LeBay. The opening scene of the movie where Christine is “born” in Detroit, is not in the book. The engine was a complete carryover from 1951. The controversial[25] televised vehicle customizer Boyd Coddington was to have been the first to start the unburied car, had it been operable. Save 1957 plymouth fury christine to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. For the movie Christine is painted "toreador red" with an "iceberg white" top. [19] The 1959 model was equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 engine and push-button automatic transmission. Kevin Bacon was offered the lead role but ended up choosing Footloose (1984) instead. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. A forum community dedicated to Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, AMC owners and enthusiasts. Styling was a continuation from the 1957 models. Facts from the Movie “Christine” More than 20 Plymouths were used to film the movie “Christine.” Belvederes, Savoys and Fury models were used during the filming process. This engine used a single-barrel Holley carburetor, and became known for its extremely rugged construction, exceptional reliability and longevity. Christine at 20 - the Famous 1958 Plymouth Fury, Christine the Book vs Reality and Christine the Movie, FCA: great finances in US, not so much elsewhere, Luxury Ram, Mopars win over Texans, Stellantis logo, and new books, Durango Hellcat about to go on sale (maybe not for long). 12. She also appears unnamed on It, driven by a cadaverical Belch Huggins who helps Henry Bowers to reach the hotel where The Loser's Club's members are. The 1957-58 Belvedere two-door hardtop gained notoriety from the movie Christine (1983) based on the novel by Stephen King. [21], During Oklahoma's 50th anniversary, a new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere was sealed in a concrete enclosure as a time capsule in downtown Tulsa on the grounds of the brand new county courthouse. Christine’s voiceover, is actually a Ford. View cart for details. It had the powerhouse V-800 engine, which delivered 290 horsepower, as well as an automatic transmission. 1 Biography in Novel 2 Biography in Film 3 Origins 4 Appearances 5 Trivia Christine's "life" began in the summer of 1957, when she was built on the assembly line of one of Chrysler's plants in Detroit, Michigan. 44 Photos . Dennis, Arnie's jock friend, does not like Christine, and advises him against purchasing it for a first car. Despite Arnie's protestations, Leigh continues to feel as though she is competing with Christine for Arnie's affection. Overdrive was made available as optional equipment in the 1952 Plymouth. She was built to order, on the specifications given by Roland D. LeBay when he walked into Norman Cobb Plymouth in Libertyville, Pennsylvania that same year. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}, Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U.S. dollars and are approximate conversions to U.S. dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Christine is a possessed, supernatural 1958 Plymouth Fury and the main antagonist of the horror novel, Christine. (via Richard Henley) Dennis’ Plymouth Duster becomes a Dodge Charger for the movie. In the book, it is suggested that she may be possessed by the ghosts of Roland LeBay's family; his daughter choked in the backseat (later information reveals that LeBay deliberately left his daughter in the back seat of the car, speculated by Dennis to be him attempting to sacrifice his daughter to Christine), and his wife committed suicide in her front seat. In the opening scene, which the titles set as "Detroit, 1957", Christine appears near the end of the assembly line as a lone bright red car in a long line of Buckskin Beige Furys being built for the new model year (1958). A second such car, this one a Plymouth Prowler, was encased in a vault in Tulsa's Centennial Park (formerly Central Park) 1998 to celebrate the city's centennial. ’s popularity was such at the time that the film went into production before the book was even published. The guys on the set forgot and when they went to start her up she was in gear and lunged forward, taking out some equipment. Arnie briefly exploded into fury when he discovered the car missing from the front lawn, but LeBay calmly pointed out that he had just moved her and invited him inside to sign the paperwork. JavaScript is disabled. (Good move. to promote the new car.[7]. Loaded with very rare and extremely hard to find parts! However the GTX came standard with the 440 CID engine and the Road Runner with the 383 Magnum, with the only engine options being the 440 six barrel or the 426 HEMI engines. There are Plymouth Fury Christine fan clubs for people who own Christine clones. [13], 273 cu in (4.5 L) V8318 cu in (5.2 L) V8361 cu in (5.9 L) V8 The line was restyled in 1966, and the high-performance GTX was added in 1967. 21. Unable to pay the full amount, he settles on a $25 deposit and agrees to return the next day with the balance. The pilot episode for the television show Adam-12 featured a 1967 Belvedere as the standard LAPD police cruiser. Then Christine chases Buddy while on fire and drives over him, leaving his flaming body in the middle of the country road. I saw that car and i must say that i would love to own one ,i wasn’t that lucky but i had a 1974 Chrysler by Chrysler and it had the v800 engine it was at the time called a poor mans statesman but it had all the caprice comfort as in air,steer,electric windows i really regret ever selling it…, 4400 S Kildare Ave Welcome to the latest edition of Hollywood Wednesdays. It is to be revealed after the same period of time as the Belvedere, in 2048. In the fall of 1978, Arnie Cunningham happened on the car and instantly fell in love. The police investigate the murders and become suspicious of Arnie. A big block "B" engine of 350 in3 V8 with dual four-barrel carburetors dubbed "Golden Commando" was optional on all models. Stephen King Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Plymouth Road Runner was introduced as a low-price, high-performance alternative to the GTX, and Richard Petty won the Grand National championship in NASCAR in a Belvedere. We love that movie.). The convertible was only V8 powered and V8s were available in other Belvederes with an optional "Fury" 301 cu in (4.9 L) version as well as a "High-Performance PowerPAC" at extra cost. Jul 26, 2019 at 10:44pm, |  We recommend since their high quality paint is freshly made, they custom mix each order for you upon receipt, and they offer a color match guarantee. All Plymouths were treated to a major overhaul for the 1955 model year. They must have been really big Stephen King fans… Enhanced Listings. 14. Major style changes include a shorter 114 in (2,900 mm) wheelbase, a one-piece windshield, flush rear fenders, and a lower hood line. However, the car apparently acts on its own when he's out of town. by Michael Morelli. However, the 1957 Fury was only available in a two-door hardtop. 15% of the movie’s entire budget was spent just on the cars. Stunt drivers were given small viewing windows within the black tint that signaled the car’s evil mood. [4], In 1956, Chrysler's chief engineer in a public relations campaign took a Belvedere and had a turbine engine fitted instead of the standard gasoline engine, and was driven across the US. The car was the prize of a 1957 contest to guess the population of Tulsa in the year 2007. 23. 6. All cars were painted red and given matching interiors. According to Bill Phillips, the movie technically didn’t have enough violence back then to justify an “R” rating. During this ride Arnie starts to turn into LeBay, and Christine takes them back in time to 1958. It was unearthed June 14, 2007[22] during the state's centennial celebrations, and was publicly unveiled on June 15. All vehicles shared similar characteristics and were highlighted in the movie based on Stephen King’s thriller novel. Either one suggests that she could have been bad to the bone even before those, and that she killed LeBay's daughter, rather than LeBay's family possessing the car. Christine was “fixed” to be a two door Fury; the red paint is explained by being a special order. Stephen King’s popularity was such at the time that the film went into production before the book was even published. A Fun Car to Drive & to Show! Christine made more money than any other actor. “When I go to premieres, something bad always happens.”, 18. By that time, Christine was a decaying, barely-operable wreck, well past her prime. The car was attached to cables and pulled through the wall. But, Arnie buys it anyway, much to the dismay of his parents, and they get into a heated debate. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! We love that movie. She is seen in the book, the movie, and even referenced and seen in a couple other books and movies. ], VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I had a ’57 Belvedere a long time ago. V-8 engines continued to be optionally available, in displacements of 318 cu in (5.21 l) and 361 cu in (5.92 l). Then Christine chases Buddy while on fire and drives over him, leaving his flaming body in the middle of the country road. In early 1956, the Fury joined the Belvedere line as a special-edition high-performance coupe. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. Powering the Belvedere is the Chrysler flathead 217.8 cu in (3.6 L) straight-6 engine with a 7.00:1 compression ratio producing 97 hp (72 kW; 98 PS) (SAE gross). The Cranbook Belvedere was the name for the two-door hardtop version of the Cranbrook and built on the same 118.5 in (3,010 mm) wheelbase. Customs services and international tracking provided, - Plymouth Fury Christine Ghostbusters II Johnny Lightning Frightning Lightnings, - Christine 1958 Plymouth Fury Autoworld not Greenlight Hotwheels 1:64 Scale, - Greenlight 1/64 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine 44830C New, - 1/64 Scale 1958 Plymouth Fury (Clean Windows) / Christine, - 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine Evil 84082 Greenlight 1/24 scale Limited Edition, - 1/64 Scale 1958 Plymouth Fury (Evil Version w/ Blacked Out Windows) / Christine, - AUTOWORLD 1:64 1958 RED PLYMOUTH FURY CHRISTINE "PARTIAL RESTORED" Vers. Some cars we have profiled were the 1968 Mustang GT-390 from the movie “Bullitt”,the 1971 Pontiac LeMans from “The French Connection” and the Top 3 Cars Shows on TV. In order to find enough Plymouth Furys for the movie, the film-makers placed ads across the country to buy 23 1958 Plymouths, only sixteen were used for filming; seven were used for parts. 22. The roof has rust holes but it comes with a 5. Riiiigggghhhhttt. It is rusty but a worthy project to build. It lasted only through 1974, becoming the Fury in 1975 when the longer-wheelbase Fury model became the Gran Fury. Christine's license plate begins "CQB" which is an acronym for "Close Quarters Battle". [17] The Belvedere was reintroduced to the Australian market in early 1958 when Chrysler Australia began assembling the current model Belvedere four-door hardtop which was imported from the US in knocked-down form. The 1957 Fury was approximately one-inch longer than the previous year’s model, and standard equipment included padded dash, foam cushion seats and variable-speed wipers. Belvederes were used in police service from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, when they were replaced by the Plymouth Gran Fury. [8] A manual transmission was standard with the push-button two-speed PowerFlite optional and the push-button three-speed TorqueFlite automatic also optional on V8 cars. Unlike most of the other cars the two men came across, this one had no driver behind the wheel. Today, only three cars from the film are known to still exist. One of the Plymouth Furys from the movie was sold for $167,000 in 2004. Aug 12, 2019 at 3:15pm, |  3. The Belvedere would once again return as a top level trim for 1958 for the last time. However, it is unclear if this ability was limited at first; Arnie did some repair work on Christine when he originally purchased her, but she was shown repairing some damage on her own, making it unclear if she genuinely needed Arnie (or anyone, for that matter) to work on her at first or if she was merely trying to 'blend in'. In the book, Christine is a 1958, four-door, red Plymouth Fury that a high school dork named Arnie Cunningham purchases to George LeBay for $250 in 1978. 383 cu in (6.3 L) V8. [Dave in Seattle added: Arnie was arrested running cigarettes in the book, but this was changed to drugs in the movie. I am pure evil. After it was discovered what had become of the 1957 Belvedere, the Prowler was moved above ground, and a mound was formed over it. It is a surprise to everyone when she decides to go out with Arnie. Believe it or not, even the OEM dealers usually stock “close enough” colors. More than 20 Plymouths were used to film the movie “Christine.” Belvederes, Savoys and Fury models were used during the filming process. Instead of Roland possessing Arnie and his car, the car itself is born evil in the movie. Despite being remarkable cars in performance, handling, modest weight, and appealing interiors, sales suffered, and Plymouth yielded third place in sales to Rambler. 1. Dennis lamented to LeBay what a mess his friend had just gotten into, but LeBay, tired of Dennis' complaints and doubts of him and his car, angrily banished Dennis from his property as he wept, watching his car- the only one he had ever bought new and the only thing he had ever loved- drive away. Oct 28, 2019 at 7:20pm, |  23. It's also hinted that she absorbs the souls of her victims, such as LeBay's family or Repperton's gang. He starts driving it everywhere, and even gets Leigh Cabot to be his girlfriend, much to the dismay of Dennis. Over the next several months, Christine was restored by Arnie at Darnell's, a local do-it-yourself auto repair facility. A rented honey dipper truck used in the final showdown became a bulldozer for the movie. 1954 Belevederes featured full-length rocker sill moldings.[2]. Christine (car) (Good move. was offered the lead role but ended up choosing, (1984) instead. Belvedere remained the top full-line series through 1958. Introduced on March 31, the 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere is a two-door pillarless hardtop. Belvedere production totaled 32,492 for the year. In line with the Cold War realities of late 1950s America, the concrete enclosure was advertised as having been built to withstand a nuclear attack. In 1956, Plymouth added seat belts. From the opening shot, this car played an important role in the film. For 1956, Plymouth styling evolved from that of the 1955s. 20. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Noticing the "For Sale" sign on the sun-beaten car, Arnie ignored the stern advice from Dennis and decided to buy her for LeBay's specified price of $250. Arnie is killed with a shard of glass in the battle, but Christine is smashed and crushed into a cube and what remains of Christine is dropped into a junkyard. At the end, Repperton himself is killed when Christine smashes through a gas station and blows it up, killing Richie Trelawney by crushing him against Buddy's Camaro and Don Vandenberg in the explosion that Christine starts. But the film makers involved all felt the movie would be better served by casting “unknowns". The body needs floor work and the rockers need to be replaced. (via Richard Henley). The Belvedere replaced the Cranbrook as the top-line offering for 1954. Although the the movie “Christine” included a 1958 Plymouth Fury as its main character, the film interchanged the vehicle with 1957 Fury cars and other Chrysler models. On the for sale sign in the movie it says it’s a 58 $300 or best offer. The book has Dennis going for a ride with Arnie in Christine. As happens often when books are adapted into movies, on-screen “Christine” differs a bit from her paper-bound counterpart. When Arnie is almost finishing restoring Christine, a highly-attractive student named Leigh Cabot transfers to his school. This scene had to be filmed first so the other cars could be re-painted to later be used as Christine car doubles. It was Plymouth's first such body design and was introduced in response to the 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air, and the Ford Victoria, the first two-door hardtop in the low-priced American market. Carlisle Chrysler Nationals gives an award every year to the best Christine look-a-like. Besides these features, the excitement was contained under the hood. By the movie’s wrap, only three mint condition Christines remained; they went on the road to promote the movie, and were later sold to collectors. John Carpenter refused to go to the premiere because of a superstition. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. As cars begin their model year production the year before, Christine was built as a 1958 Plymouth Fury, painted Autumn-ish Red and white on the outside and "red as a fire engine on the inside". To simulate the car regenerating itself, hydraulic pumps were installed on the inside of some of the film's numerous Plymouth Fury "stunt doubles", a mock-up in plastic that looked more like metal on camera than actual metal as it bent and deformed.