They "upgraded" me from a "passat/large estate" to a 3 series estate once, and by "upgrade" I mean "there's the car take it or f, On a related tack, when going to the U.S., I almost always use Dollar or Alamo, specifying sometimes luxury, sometimes “full size.”, Yesterday i collected.a nissan armada its not too bad tried to get an infinity q80 for free but he wasnt hoing for it. The flight was delayed, Airport was a ghost town late at night. They took the Mick with some dodgy huge cleaning charges for our hire in Norway this year. Sixt Lucky Dip. I wanted a Fox or a Lupo or a 500. Had visions of receiving a lesser car instead. Now that I live abroad I rent in the UK whenever I go to visit family. El cliente que elige esta categoría paga a precio de … alangla. It would fit, but I couldn't be arsed attempting to park it multiple times a day without having a personal aircraft marshal. Did it at Heathrow, got a Volvo, so i saw it as a win for the money. Took it back to my apartment (whilst straying in and out of the lanes on the road) and realised it was a bit big for my parking space. Avis Sixt Est-ce que le site Sixt est fiable ? Gassing Station | Holidays & Travel | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. Consultez 952 commentaires et expériences d'achats certifiés avant d'acheter sur Sixt ! After a bit of to-ing & fro-ing, I was asked if I would accept a Sports Car. Looked at that offer but decided not to risk it and stick with a Leon. Sixt, la empresa premium de alquiler, acaba de poner en funcionamiento una nueva categoría de alquiler denominada ‘Lucky Dip Car’ o ‘Coche Sorpresa’. I thought, until they gave me the keys to a 7-seater, gas-guzzling Chevy Traverse. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. Reply ... That was AVIS. Some of them are for essential web functions, like login or site search, while others help us to improve our site functionality and create a better experience for you. SIXT car rental offers only vehicles built by leading international manufacturers, including premium brands like Audi, BMW or Mercedes. I rocked up in Munich once expecting the 3 series with sat nav I had booked - they were very apologetic that the they only had 1 car with sat nav built in and would I be happy with the brand new 7 Series! I was also rather surprised at the sales tactics going on next to me. Just goes to illustrate different people’s preferences, I couldn’t care less where a rental car was made, and I’d rather have something mid size and up, but I’d pay over the top rather than have a manual. I booked a 3 series in Munich once & they apologised for not having one & would I mind taking a brand new 7 series! National car hire in Ireland, you're a bunch of arse! I ordered the smallest, cheapest car (Toyota Corolla I think). "Oh, nice!" I thought lucky dip was the default? By clicking below, you agree to our use of cookies. Seeing as I never get what I want I looked at "Sixt lucky dip". I wasn’t very impressed and argued for something else, but since I was only at a pickup point in a hotel this was the only car available there and I had no time to wait, it was actually ok but would have much preferred the BMW like I ordered since I was traveling to Germany on the autobahns. Please follow the signs for Rental Car Agencies. I once got a free 'upgrade' from Sixt whilst in LA. Ford Figo Hatch or similar (Saloon | CDAR), Mercedes-Benz A250 Sedan Aut. I've used Hertz for years, purely because they offer the Gold Canopy service and I can just walk to the garage and get straight in the car. After much arguing that I couldn't fit 2 full sized suitcases in and an adult comfortably in the back they eventually ganve me a Saab 93 estate. I've used Europcar a couple of times and both times I haven't received the car that I've ordered. I booked through Sixt the other day for a 4 day break in Ibiza in a couple of months. Sixt Location de voitures attache beaucoup d'importance à la satisfaction de ses clients. Avis clients Sixt . € 45.34 ... Avis … Got to love hire companies. I have a CCCC Lucky Dip booked in Dublin on Tuesday, will be interesting to see what I get, Edited by RC1807 on Thursday 29th August 11:06. After the obvious answer I was told that it was either that or a minivan as nothing else was fuelled & was given the keys to a Camaro. Kind of ironic that if you did drive a Toyota Camry Estate then it wouldn't have had to go anywhere near a garage for repairs. Turned up at the depot which was in the basement of a multi-storey car park in the city centre, they radioed down from the office to the parking area looking for a car that actually had a full tank. "Ford Focus or equivalent" Kia Cee apostophe d with no spec whatsoever. Votre avis compte ! I spent a bit of time looking at their list of cars. I don't find them much more expensive than any other mainstream company and bypassing the main counter has saved me so much time! Europcar I think. Your FLIZZR is awaiting you at the Sixt branch ... Lucky Dip Car ou similaire . Edited by Integroo on Tuesday 21st August 10:28. Arrived and they told me about said upgrade. Our website uses cookies. 5x; 1x; 3x; A/C; Man. All information on dimensions, weights, etc. Please note that the image display and vehicle specifications only depict an example illustration of the vehicle category (errors excepted). © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. Great to see it on the autobahn at 200kph with only 500 on the clock! They couldn't understand why I refused to accept their upgrade (due to having no Focus sized cars available) of a Renault Megane convertible (the hard top one). I was once “upgraded” by sixt from a BMW 1 series to an Opel Mokka! are based on the smallest, available category of model. The chap opened the tiny car draw, they ran out. Another time however I got a free upgrade to a brand new convertible 420d so not always bad. My Abarth 595 turned into a Volvo V60 and my Hyundai I30 turned into a VW Polo with a ~60bhp engine (yay). The Sixt branch is the third stand on the left. or similar (Saloon | ISAR), Sorry, we don't have the vehicle you want at this time. Please come back in the future ;). Had booked a fullsize car, described as a Ford Fusion Hybrid or similar and paid the extra £8 or whatever it was (ridiculously cheap anyway) for a full tank of fuel. Would never used sixt again. Smallest I could get, as it would be the least hassle. I booked the cheapest option possible for when we were in Malaga as the parking where we were staying was ok but street based or in a small bay. Sixt Lucky Dip. If anyone was waiting in anticipation to find out what I got...Automatic Vauxhall Astra! It was me and the missus with carry on. It had 20km on the clock but I ran it in nicely at 200 on the autobahn! I was well pleased. Other than that never had an upgrade. If you do not agree, click on “use limited version of website”. A reservation is only made for a vehicle category, but not for a particular vehicle. They were trying to get people to upgrade the cars they’d ordered on the basis that ‘150 euros extra will get you a diesel but you’ll save at least that much on fuel’. If you would like more information, see our privacy and cookie policy. C'est pour cette raison que chaque client reçoit un questionnaire de satisfaction après sa … Diesel is currently 1.30 and Petrol 1.40. Went to Spain a few years ago. He'd also ran out of clean the next two level or car's, Ended up with the BMW 320i. 2,570 posts. Slightly off topic but I remember booking a Focus sized car for a week away in the UK with my wife and Father, so needed a 4 seater with decent boot. Not exactly the same but many years ago my company Audi A4 was in for a repair and they sorted me a courtesy car. I usually hired the smallest which was typically a Renault Twingo. Gassing Station | Holidays & Travel | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. Hiring a car for a couple of days in Bulgaria next week, and for an extra twenty quid I could upgrade from a super mini to a lucky dip. © 2020 Pistonheads Holdco Limited, All Rights Reserved. Luckiest I ever got was with Alamo in San Francisco. Fine for popping up to see my Auntie 40 mins away.