Students with SATs below a 1350 SAT and/or a 3.75 GPA will likely need a “hook” to achieve their dream of becoming a Terrier. Considering the stiff competition, you will need to excel in terms of grades, tests scores, extracurriculars, and other areas of achievement. CMH2024 168 replies 4 threads Junior Member. The key to tackling this 250 word supplemental essay is to do your homework on Boston University in order to uncover the specific attributes and offerings that genuinely get you pumped. You’ll definitely want to do this in conjunction with an admissions professional. If you get rejected from BU, here’s what you can do: Join the conversation in the Class of 2024 Facebook group, connect with other BU first-year students in your area, or even find your future roommate. Due to COVID-19. While colleges understand that you’ll likely be applying to several other schools, emphasizing your interest in this particular university through your essays will make you a more desirable candidate. This incredible flood of applications in recent years has caused the average SAT to rise more than 150 points just in the time since Barack Obama’s first inauguration. Some special programs have additional requirements: You must apply to one of the 10 specific undergraduate schools with the larger university. Make sure your final list is well balanced among. Early Decision I Click here for the news release. That doesn’t mean you definitely won’t get in, but you will likely need to consider the university a reach school if you don’t meet these averages. Factors considered “important” are: class rank, GPA, standardized test scores (test-optional for Class of 2021), the essays, recommendations, extracurricular activities, character/personal qualities, and legacy status. Enrollment Deposit Due Boston University likes to accept at least one student from every state. Curious about your chances of acceptance to BU? Make sure to dedicate sufficient time and effort to the supplemental essay(s) required by BU. 'element_id': 'platformcta1', For the Class of 2024, 1,073 students were admitted through the early admissions process. Those who are serious about attending BU should definitely consider applying via binding early decision. Looking at ethnic identity, the breakdown of members of the Class of 2023 was as follows: The breakdown by gender of all current undergraduates is notably split in favor of women: One would think that this disparity would give men an edge in the admissions process at BU since there are far more qualified female applicants year after year. .vc_custom_1579122122588{margin-top: 0px !important;margin-bottom: 0px !important;}.vc_custom_1579122108099{margin-top: 20px !important;margin-bottom: 20px !important;}Do you know how to improve your profile for college applications? For more advice on responding to the BU essay prompts, check out CollegeVine’s guide: How to Write the Boston University Supplemental Essays 2019-2020. You may also elect to be considered for other programs, including the College of General Students Boston-London program. He has previously served as a high school counselor, consultant and author for Kaplan Test Prep, and advisor to U.S. Congress, reporting on issues related to college admissions and financial aid. January 25. and reapply next admissions cycle if you’re rejected from the schools on your list. It won’t be any easier to get in a second time, unless you can accomplish something truly impressive during your gap year. if you want to see your personal chances of acceptance, how you stack up against other applicants, and how to improve your chances. With its large, urban campus and student body of more than 16,000, has many claims to fame. Taking multiple advanced classes, particularly within your area of academic interest is a must. You’ll improve your chances of being admitted to multiple schools if you include several where you have a good or reasonable chance of acceptance. display: none !important; Even if BU was your top choice, chances are, you’ll find a way to make a college that did accept you work. Find the Ivy League and top-tier school acceptance rates for the Class of 2024 from College Essay Advisors. What about being a student at Boston University most excites you? Those who went on to enroll in the university for the start of the 2019-20 school year held SAT scores with a middle-50% range of 1360-1480; the ACT range was 30-34. BU is a university that celebrates diverse interests, personalities, and backgrounds. Laura Berlinsky-Schine is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in Creative Writing and minored in History.   'name': 'College Application CTA Middle of Post', Accelerated Medical Requirements }); However, excelling academically, demonstrating your unique attributes, and showing your enthusiasm for the university will certainly strengthen your candidacy. There is no magic formula for getting into BU. The total number of applicants accepted through early decision is now 50%; in 2019 it was 45% and in 2018 it was 35%. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you have a plan for how to spend the year. You may also elect to be considered for other programs, including the College of General Students Boston-London program. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you have a plan for how to spend the year. December 15 Option B: If you could create a new Kilachand course, what would it be? That is 18% acceptance rate. Meet the Class of 2024 Welcome #BU2024! There is so much to like about Boston University that it’s not hard to figure out why it received 61,006 applications for a spot in the 2020-21 freshman class. Make sure your final list is well balanced among safety, target, and reach colleges. Some special programs have additional requirements: The total number of applications declined from 62,224 to 61,006. .d-block { .d-md-none { CSS Profile & FAFSA Taking honors, AP, IB, or the most challenging courses available at your high school or college is important. Boston College has received nearly 30,000 applications for the Class of 2024, according to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, meeting key University projections and objectives for undergraduate recruitment. There are no minimum stated requirements, but you should ideally aim to exceed or fall at the upper end of the middle 50%. .d-none { The University of Notre Dame announced that 3,507 applicants were admitted to the Class of 2024.

boston university acceptance rate 2024

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