Hi all. This is just the sort of thing I'm looking for, although I'll probably swap the str and dex and lower the str so I can afford either more end or att. Personally I'm increasing the amount I put into attunement so I have enough FP for 1 Tears of Denial and 1 Lightning Blade and maybe enough to hit 4 Attunement slots. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. People are afraid of the low durability, but NOBODY will break the Washing Pole during a duel. Disclamer This build isn't meta, point disctribution can be non-optimal for PvP scenarios, that's just mine idea for a build. If you want to pick up faith caster + some dex weapons action this build is for you! And then act on the situation, if you do not know who will be your opponent?) I am building this as well, I will help with any troubleshooting as much as possible. Turtling capability 5. If you want best casting tool pick next one), Yorshka Chime - (Highest damaging casting tool for miracles. Fast Swinging weapons 3. Can confirm that buffed, sharp/refined Dragonslayer Axe does a ton of damage. Would these stats work with adding a little more into faith and replace dark moon lad and blessed weapon with sunlight spear lightning stake and/or lightning storm? Dex/Faith PVE Experimentation 28 Sep 2016 04:48 . I would like to show, mine Dragonslayer build. Hell of a build you've created. As an Iron Flesh addict, this sort of build makes me very scared. Working on a faith based build. How would you upgrade your carthus for this build?? 2-handing has much less benefit for Dex, no reduction on Dex requirements, etc. About Energy, I think I have bad manners from Bloodborne, where energy regenerated creazy fast and you didn't need to pump in at all. Honestly I would suggest the Washing Pole, as it keeps the moveset, but has a ridiculously OP reach (Nearly Two Dodgerolls). It also only does it's full damage if you hit your opponent with the blade part of the scythe apparently. I agree it is very good weapon, but becouse of that windup I've didin't tested it yet (gonna do it). Can it be a full faith build? So I recently got the game and still learning and have seen several builds that are Dex/faith and I'm looking to do a samurai type chara but what does faith do to help attacking? I'm new to DS3 and DS franchise in general. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.reddit.com/r/fashionsouls/comments/4fsqu0/dark_souls_3sunbro_dragonslayer/. It's skill is portable version of Lightining blade and falling bolt hits almost instant, very good for opening and harrasing enemies, with Lightining Clutch ring can deal ~830 damage, in PvE 1200 damage. Sharp? You can't wield an Exile Greatsword with 16 str.. Can someone offer advice on early game with this build? Sunlight spear/Dorthys' Gnawing was cool and gives you a ranged attack, but I found that I only really used it in situations where I could have just charged the opponent instead, and it was a waste of FP. On my last playthrough I decided to base my character on this build.So far, the best way I can see to make a dex/faith build work is using Faith for buffs and your favorite Dexterity weapon for damage. That being said, how would you recommend to level stats? Interested. Both the axe and the greatsword have innate lightning damage, which means that lightning blade adds 200+ damage at 60 faith. Don't listen to these casul comments. Some people likes to add some more STR, other more HP. We have only 3 slots for spells, no? Also ring of favor helps a little bit :), Hi, i wanna make a build around the Dragonslayer Swordspear. I did the same, but you only loose 3 soul levels I think when calculated out. I would like to try this build. Any help would be nice. This spell only has a 15 Faith requirement and it uses 100 FP. )Dexterity: 37(Trying to get it to 40)Intelligence: 9Faith: 40(Definitely a waste of a lot of points. Any ideas? And of course, Faith would be downscaled to around 50 so we could do those changes to Endurance. me too. Ended up never using my second scythe and replaced it with a lightweight sword as a backup weapon, so I'll be decreasing this)Strength: 18(For the Shield of Want. At 60 faith it has 246 spell buff), Sunlight Talisman - (If you want poise-working talisman this is your only choice, it has much lower spell buff than those 2 above, but Poise battle art actually works on this one), FASHIONCheck:https://www.reddit.com/r/fashionsouls/comments/4fsqu0/dark_souls_3sunbro_dragonslayer/ THREAD WILL BE SLOWLY UPDATED. It has great damage and very versitile moveset. Personally I prefer the Golden Wing Crest Shield(14 req) now, and the only reason I use Shield of Want is for some extra souls and since I have the 18 Strength already. I've been wondering if I can use a 1h sword+shield and still be able to cast the weapon buff miracles?I really like the idea of being able to buff my weapons.Thanks. 13 or 18 is really low in my opinion since we are going to need to do damage with our weapons to be effective as well, but I'd really like to know your thoughts. Is sharp exile greatsword better or worse than carthus curved sword for a faith dex build? Dex-Faith Build: AlricOmega3: Knight: 40 Dex (with rings) 30 Faith (for bufs) 100. I really hope English isn't your first language. Sure it's great to have enough space for lightning spears and such, however this is a hybrid build and I believe Sacred Oath + Lightning Blade is the only worthwhile combo to do since offensive miracles kinda suck this time around (but they do look aweeeesoooome!). I'm doing the pure caster build and having a lot of problems with the Dragonslayer Armor since its resistant to lightning. Smashing R1/RB for full stunlock combo until stamina runs out for maximum DPS. Hopefully make use of some of the miracles at least. It does however require 2 attunement slots, so you'll need a total of 3 for the build I've got.I've tried half a dozen other Miracles(Dorthys' Gnawing, Lifehunt Scythe, Lightning Stake, Sunlight Spear, and Homeward) but nothing really works as well as using Tears of Denial + Lightning Blade. You don't neeed to use Sage Ring), Rings:There are 2 categories of rigs loadouts pure caster and pvp based.a) Pure Caster - full miracle damage loadout, Monre's Ring - (Solid +12% miracle damage), Ring of the Sun's First Born - (Another 20% miracle damage, stacks with Monre's), Lightining Clutch Ring - (15% damage to ALL of our ligthining damage, works wonders with Lightining Based Miracles and Weapons), Crown Dusk Ring - (PVE ONLY, Increases ammount of Sunlightspears we can throw from 3 to 4 for one Ashtus, reduces our hp so it's poor choice on PvP), Havel's Ring - (Heavier armor, allows to wield heavier weapons), Lightining Clutch Ring - (Don't leave home without it, as mama said), Ring of Steel Protection - (* To compensate Lightining Clutch Ring armor reducion*), Ring of Favor +2 (Good Stuff you gonna like it), Ring of the Sun's First Born - (Exchange from one from above, if you want more kick for your miracles), Sunlight Spear - (Our bread and butter spell, deals highest damage in short peroid of time from all spells in the game. Dragonslayer Axe (not greataxe) also works extremely well in this build. Feel free to discuss about it. The best thing about this is that you can cast the spell, rest at a bonfire, then get back up and the spell will still be active. And I think (sharp) Onikiri and Ubadachi does slightly more damage than the Gothard Twinswords while still retaining bleed build-up, it shouldn't be better but that's what my numbers showed (could use confirmation), edit: and how could I forget, with 16 str you can wield (sharp) Exile Greatsword, which can combo into it's special from one 2-handed R1, so you can basically one shot most players or a full team of gankers, I would also add Cloranthy Ring +2 to the build (because imo, it's the best PVP ring you can get), and swap some Vigor/Vitality for Endurance, edit: I remember testing weapon buffs at 50 and 60 faith and it seemed like the extra 10 points weren't worth it (it didn't add a minimum of 30 AR, iirc, could again use confirmation), Hey thanks for your help!Sadly I didn't get Dragonslayer Axe in both of my playtroughs.Siris questline is kinda complicated and I failed it both times :/ Propably I will never get it. Any idea what weapons you're interested in using in that build to buff with lightning? Does anyone know if infusing an uchigatana with a lightning gem and using miracles would be any good? Murakumo has S scalling after infusion. I'll probably drop it to 14. Tanking capability with Great Scythe 6. Gonna be adding more when I rebuild my character though so I can hopefully take off the RoF. You can change the stats up to suit your needs. I'm doing a build similar to this one with my second character, but I don't agree on certain points and I would love to know your thoughts about the changes!

ds3 dex/faith build

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