Help Center. Facebook offers a myriad of different privacy controls -- but they are sometimes hard to understand and to top it off, aren't even all on one page. Home. Now that you understand why privacy is important on Facebook, it’s time to learn how to actually take steps to protect your privacy while using the website.. Changing your privacy settings on Facebook can sometimes be confusing. Facebook’s privacy settings have recently undergone a massive change since Facebook’s privacy scandals have been in the news. To activate this feature using a laptop, go to Facebook’s Account Settings menu, select Security and Login, tap “Use two-factor authentication,” and click on the Set Up link. However, that is something you can control. Your Facebook privacy settings let you manage basic privacy preferences. A German court required Facebook to create this policy based on how its "Insights" product works. Here's what Facebook users need to … Facebook’s privacy settings are spread over a number of portions of the site. Facebook privacy settings you ought to configure now: To make things worse, your friend could go ahead and tag you on all the pictures uploaded and now these images can be viewed by every single friend on your profile! ... How can I adjust my Facebook privacy settings? Your privacy settings page has a group of general controls for your Facebook account. You can … You can view and adjust your privacy settings at any time. While publishing posts on Facebook, it gives you complete freedom to play with the privacy settings. shareShare Article. Facebook often points to its privacy settings as a solution for consumers worried about how the company handles their data. 2. Clicking this link leads to a page explaining that Facebook and Facebook Page Admins are "joint controllers" under the GDPR. To view and adjust your privacy settings: Click in the top right of Facebook. Log In Create Account. The most recent change was implemented in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the political consulting firm improperly used the data of roughly 87 million Facebook users while working for Donald Trump’s election campaign. Since they can sometimes change without notice, it’s best if you periodically check that your privacy settings are the way you want them to be. Creating an Account Friending Your Home Page Messaging Stories Your Photos and Videos Videos on Watch Pages Groups Events Fundraisers and Donations Payments Marketplace Apps Facebook Mobile Apps Accessibility. Using Facebook. Hide Posts From Other People. Though Facebook’s suitability in handling user data is suspect, it at least has the sense to provide users with updated privacy settings. Your privacy settings page has a group of general controls for your Facebook account.

facebook page privacy settings

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