Club launches review following Mt Taranaki deaths 4 Nov 2013 The New Zealand Alpine Club has launched an independent review of a climbing trip to Mount Taranaki which claimed the lives of two people in October. Mountaineer Ivan Bruce said with the number of deaths increasing, it may be time to start asking if those going up Mt Taranaki are equipped and experienced enough to complete the trip. Mt Taranaki aerial 1080 poison drop kills cows and endangered birds - farmer speaks out ... Jump to. I t was a love story that ended so tragically on Mount Taranaki. Whether those people should have been on the East Ridge of Taranaki so soon after the course, maybe depending on what else they'd done since, is possibly another issue, but it's probably one that would be better discussed by climbers, which I'm not. Comments: Mt Taranaki has been the scene of numerous accidents and fatalities. This is multi-factorial: the mountain has easy road access, an inviting summit, and a classical andesitic volcanic shape that starts out as gentle slopes but … Cause of deaths: Hypothermia. Reflection in Pouakai tarn of Mount Taranaki, referred to as a stratovolcano. A big Mt Taranaki eruption could launch devastating pyroclastic flows across a wider area than first thought - putting more people at risk. reports on the deaths of Mt Taranaki climbers. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. The reasons for the decline in the number of deaths since the 1980s are less clear. The figures for the average number of deaths from mountaineering in each decade since 1900 reflect the big increase in the numbers climbing since the 1950s. Funeral held for Japanese and NZ climbers killed on Mt Taranaki The photo of Hiroki Ogawa and Nicole Sutton used in the service sheet at their funeral. The death of another young climber on Mt Taranaki has led to calls for a dedicated alpine trained ranger to be stationed permanently on the landmark. The tragic deaths of two climbers on Mt Taranaki last weekend has left experienced mountaineers with lots of questions. How did two people who were well-prepared, well-briefed, with good skills die on the mountain, outdoor specialist Rob Needs was asking.

mt taranaki deaths

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