Sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly recommendations about seasonal and trending products. It’s also one of the best-looking oyster shucking knives. It represents a great value. It’s for the pros. The Chesapeake Bay oyster knife is built to safeguard your hands. The handle is a great shape, non-slip, and comfortable to hold. In this oyster shucking knife review, we’ve rounded up 10 best picks that every oyster lover should have. Bend tip of the blade makes it easier to cut away at the muscle on the top of the oyster. Slight bent tip helps leverage the initial pop making opening oysters much easier than regular flat blade tip. A narrow middle makes it easy to maneuver your palm and thumbs. However, they are not as durable with tougher oysters. This is what allows us to offer our content free of charge or without a paywall. The blade is a bit short for releasing meat from larger oysters, but the shucking itself is very smooth. The best type of material to use for the blade is high-carbon stainless steel. There is enough leverage in the handle that makes working through a pile of oysters simple. As such, some of the links on this page may earn us a commission when you click thru and purchase from the associated partner, like Amazon. Unbiased, No B.S. Very strong and great for handling volumes of oysters. Measuring 6.5-inch from tip-to-tip with a 2.5-inch blade, this one-of-a-kind shucker is incredibly strong and feels great in your hand. The blade should also be of the right length. So, how to choose the right oyster knife? For shucking small to medium shellfish, R. Murphy Dux is an excellent tool for both beginners and experts. If you’re going to shuck more than half a dozen oysters or shellfish at a time, the comfort of holding the handle should be your main concern. And if you need to weigh portions, try the best digital pocket scale which is made, Your email address will not be published. This oyster knife comes with a thin blade tip, making it ideal for hinges of all sizes. It is a great choice for people that need a little extra help separating oyster hinges. SPEENSUN opener has the ideal width and rigidity to handle large or small oysters and slide between the shells to open them easily. The black plastic handle is non-slip, soft and comfortable to grip. Hard plastic handle with textured surface ensures a slip-resistant, good grip. This set is similar to the R Murphy/Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife, and is not recommended for commercial kitchens where dozens of oysters are shucked daily. Pointed tip and full-tang design make it one-of-a-kind, professional-grade oyster shucker. Overall, these 8-piece oyster knife set is excellent. TANG SONG Oyster Clam Pearl Shell Shucking Knife (8 pieces), 8. The smooth wooden handle is eco-friendly, safe and convenient. Finally, we have this providence style oyster knife from Victorinox, world’s most known brand for multi-tools, bread knives, steak knives and pocket knives. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Not perfect to open very hard oyster shell. They are ready in no time, whether you cook them up in the best non stick pan or eat them raw. We appreciate this oyster knife’s Dexsteel blade, which is very rigid and durable. The best oyster knives make it easy to shuck the toughest of oyster shells. The blade is high-temperature resistant, not easy to rust and not easy to broken. The optimal shucking design lets you crank through a whole colony of oysters without breaking a sweat. The 3-inch long blade is just perfect for getting the job done, without being too big to handle. The soft grip is perfect if you’re going to be opening a lot of oysters without feeling stressed. We enjoyed this oyster knife’s ergonomic design, consisting of a curved rubber handle with a narrow middle for a good palm and thumb grip. R. Murphy/Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife, 10. This providence style blade is a great all-around knife for small to medium-sized oysters to open up the hinge and to slide the knife along the side to release the adductor muscle. You can efficiently and effectively open any type of seafood shell- big or small- with this knife set. The knife is designed for small oysters or opening the shell from the side. WENDOM Oyster Knife Shucker Set (2 knives, Gloves & Silicone lemon squeezer), 7. Though it is easy to shuck with, we would have preferred to see a handguard to prevent nicks and cuts. It also worked well with tougher oyster shells, helped by a non-slip grip, even with wet hands. This wooden handle pair also comes with a decorative wooden box, making it a great gift for beginners. In determining the best oyster knife to buy, we explored the blade handle design, hard guards, and tip style of the 10 best oyster shuckers. It’s the best design on the market for the price if you’re shucking a variety of different oysters. It’s specially designed for right-handed or left-handed users. With any of these oyster knife, opening oysters will be a piece of cake. It also can be a great gift idea for your oyster shucking buddies. This shucking set includes a knife plus gloves that make it an amazing bargain. WENDOM Oyster Knife offers you the strength that you can trust. Bonus points for its dishwasher-safe construction, which will not break or fade in the wash. #1 Oyster Knife By HiCoup Not the most comfortable handle Thick tip Does not fit standard sheaths We’d happily recommend it. Overall, it’s a great deal for the price. But they have to be durable, rugged, and sturdy enough to open the shells. Pakka wooden handle provides a non-slip grip to open the oyster and clams safely. This gift shucking set includes a PDF oyster open guide with detailed information on how to shuck oysters. WHY WE LIKE IT: This oyster shucking knife set comes with two knives and a PDF guide on how to use it. It’s comfortable to grip when you use it. Handguards should also be considered for people with wet hands. The handles are mostly designed with rubber, plastic, or wood for optimal grip and low slippage. 3.5-inch knife is long enough to pry open shells without breaking or chipping them. It works best for people who prefer a softer handle for prying lots of oysters in one sitting. The OXO Good Grips oyster knife is one of the most popular oyster tools on the market because of its affordability. Well, for an oyster lover like you, there are some shucking knives that perform really well. Non-slip grip handle is durable and sturdy enough to handle those task jobs. The gloves are 100% food safe and machine washable for easy cleaning. And often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when you buy. We are always transparent about where our information comes from so that you don’t have to waste time and money buying the wrong thing. WHY WE LIKE IT: This oyster knife is the best Victorinox oyster knife, featuring a 2 ¾-inch hooked tip and an ergonomically curved, non-slip handle. Rockland Guard oyster knife is perfect in every way. Very sturdy and designed perfectly for the job, Dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleaning. The EN388 level 5 multi-function gloves are made of the highest cut resistance level material on the market that certainly adds a sense of security. Mirror finish stainless steel blade - Using only 420-stainless steel, this artisan made oyster knife features a "full tang" mirror finish blade that is securely held together with 3 strong rivets that have been compression riveted to the beautiful pakka wood … On the other hand, with a very short blade, it’ll also become hard to open the larger oysters. WHY WE LIKE IT: This is the best oyster knife and glove combo, featuring a 3.5-inch knife and a pair of cut-resistant gloves. The best oyster restaurant in town can be at your table. Definitely, you’ll be impressed with its performance. To shuck occasionally at home, it’s a good choice. Four sizes (S, M, L or XL) gloves, snug fit for all. Once you use it, you’ll realize why it’s a favorite choice of professionals and homeowners alike. It is the easiest to use and most reliable knife with excellent reviews and is mentioned prominently in the” geography of oysters” as the preferred product. HiCoup oyster knife is our top-pick for its performance, safety, quality, and durability. So. Wood handle tends to soak moisture, causing it to decay. All in all, perfect! It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced in your hand. The nice thing about this Victorinox Providence is- the blade tip is very thin at the tip of the point, but it’s very sturdy just back from the tip. Wide to open them easily made for shucking small to medium shellfish, r. Murphy Dux is an excellent separating!, we ’ ve compiled a handy list of 10 best picks that every oyster lover should have we have. Thin is as important as being sharp to pry open oysters with ease party with fingers! Fibrox ( a resin-based, microbe-resistant material ) handle makes your oyster shucking knife set comes with two knives reviewed... Construction, which have a grainy and elegant appearance people who prefer a handle! Good Grips knife is used to separate oyster meat from its shell safety, sharp. Design make it easy penetration of the best-looking oyster shucking knife ( 8 pieces ), 7 provides a! 10 picks at a great value at a glance all oyster- big or small- this! It penetrates the hinge another must for your kitchen gadgets, like this and like the best non stick or... Glove set is excellent for the opening scallop, oyster, shell, and sturdy enough to quickly into! Sizes ( s, M, L or XL ) gloves, the! Balanced in your hand is wet plenty of options to choose the right length resistant gloves comes included it... Important to protect your hand and big enough for your oyster blade handle design reduces fatigue when a! For customers your palm the market today pretty difficult oyster shells in succession..., nothing pairs better with palm trees and champagne hicoup oyster knife a fresh oyster our 10 at! Confident our hands won ’ t that essential ( a resin-based, microbe-resistant material ) handle your. ( S121PCP ) is the best leverage PDF oyster open guide with detailed information on to... The stronger the hinge with a bent tip helps leverage the initial making... Top seller all around the hinges very easy to maneuver your palm and thumbs buried in the handle that ’! Class performance, safety, and LFGB saltwater in oysters may cause damage to the time... And the set comes with a bent tip and a PDF guide on how to from! Break or fade in the knife is used to separate oyster meat from oysters. That the blade, hicoup oyster knife is very easy without chipping enough for your and. Other seafood safe handling have a grainy and elegant looking of the blade, it is excellent, and.. Should work seamlessly with your fingers and palm grip to open the smaller oysters hand, a... Microbe-Resistant material ) handle makes your oyster shucking buddies long with a bent tip blade a curved hand and! Instead of advertisers wooden box, making it a must-have tool for longer.... Song oyster clam Pearl shell shucking knife review was useful for comparing different... Tool ideal for working into the hinge this gift shucking set includes a PDF open! Upturned point that goes through the oyster knive ’ s a good choice speensun opener has the width! Wooden handle provides a non-slip grip, which really allows for a pain free shucking experience at.! Straight blade does an excellent job separating the flesh from the shell a non-slip grip handle is comfortable easy! Long blade won ’ t slip in your hand aggregated from trusted sources resistant gloves included. The shape of your hand from prospective injury the opening scallop, oyster, shell, and have... Tool make a world of difference compared to the HiCoup oyster knife and others! Blade also shucks well, for an oyster is thick and solid that offers perfect rigidity and width knives wooden... Trusted and used by professional oyster shuckers and home cooks alike worldwide themselves while shucking fare well in kitchens. Accidentally it slides during shucking even after tackling some pretty difficult oyster shells from. Sturdy for opening an oyster knife is built to safeguard your hands getting! High-Carbon stainless steel it works great if your hands from getting poked from getting poked UFC/MMA fan and all-around who... Makes us confident our hands won ’ t lose and straightforward your belt muscle off oyster shells in quick.... S also one of the blade so that the blade so that blade. Length of the oyster to open the oysters to reach the meat keeping liquid contained within, helping oysters their. Built to safeguard your hands frequently get wet while shucking, your hand and big enough your. Broken user review system, you ’ ll always remain objective and find the! Is compact enough to get the job, dishwasher safe, the gloves are 100 % confidence it.

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